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                                        IME Projects


IMF granted in November 2002 through the Paris II conference a project-related loan to Lebanon USD 1,2 bill., if the government administration was improved.

In that context the major Norwegian software company"ProgramvareAS" (PAS) was in June 2003 contacted by the CEO of a Lebanese building/security

Tridex SARL, Mr. Hamdan, asking PAS to  provide an

offer for a major national information system, NCSIS.

PAS was proposed by a Norwegian company (fictive)

"NorskME" (NME), in Beirut.

NCSIS was organized as a responsibility of the

Lebanese Interior Minister (MOIM), Elias Murr,

and PAS had a meeting with MOIM in 2003.

Lebanon is governed by three persons, the President (christian), the Prime Minister (sunni muslim) and Speaker of the Parliament (shia muslim). MOIM was son-in-law of the President, Emile Lahoud. The President´s son was a good friend of CEO of NME, "Mr. Olsen". Mr. Hamdan and "Mr. Olsen" should receive from PAS 10% and 5% of the NCSIS contract amount (finder´s fee ?).

Contract amount for NCSIS was 79,7 mill USD; IME 2,78 mill USD.

PAS should employ major IT subcontractors in Norway. Arabic should be the language in the user interfaces.

Received software development bid request from the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MOIM), Republic of Lebanon, and presented by Majed Hamdan by visiting PAS:

NCSIS Software development proposal from PAS:

Stakeholder Analysis of the NCSIS Project:

Arab Human Development Report:

Beirut Declaration:

Country Commercial Guide Lebanon:

Global Corruption Report:

World Summit on Information Society 2003:

recorded webcast with simultaneous interpretation

OMSAR - Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform:

the lebanese e-government experience: drkhoury[1].ppt

OMSAR e-gov strategy: OMSAR eGov_Strategy_Full_Version_En.pdf

National government map: The National Government Map.pdf

IME Software development proposal from PAS:

World Summit on Information Society 2005:

recorded webcast with simultaneous interpretation

Lined Journal 4 p. 80.pdf

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What happened with the NCSIS and IME sponsors in Lebanon after the initial contacts in 2003 / 2004 ?

The Prime Minster Rafiq Hariri was assassinated in February 2005 by a car bomb in Beirut, was President Emile Lahoud involved ? The President left office in November 2007.

Mr. Hamdan is under suspicion of giving a helping hand in the assassination of Hariri. He returned to Lebanon in 2009.

“Mr. Olsen” was thrown out of Lebanon as he had close relations with Mr. Hamdan and President Lahoud´s son.

MOIM, Elias Murr, left office in October 2004. He was injured in a bomb ambush in 2005.

Based upon the summary above concerning the key stakeholders, and the dynamic in the Lebanese government, the following main conclusions may be drawn:

  1. -the main contract partner should have been OMSAR as a key player on the sunni muslim / prime minister side of the Lebanese government

  2. -the “window of opportunity” as the NCSIS/IME project was organized under the christian / president side was much shorter than anticipated, from June 2003 to app. December 2004, when basically all the key stakeholders either had left office or been involved security breach activities.

  3. -object oriented stakeholder analysis technique is crucial to keep up with the dynamic changes in the project environment

The projects NCSIS and IME are still on hold.

To do an Object Oriented Stakeholder Analysis of the NCSIS and IME Projects, by use of the Natural Language Tool Kit - NLTK (open source Python modules) it is necessary to convert the original corpus documents to HTML and/or RTF formats:

Popoular video-presentation of the key stakeholders: