4 Case Study - NCSIS and IME

This case study includes two major computer systems for the Repubic of Lebanon:

  1. -            NCSIS           National Civil State Information System

  2. -            IME                Intranet support for the Municipality Election 2004

The NCSIS and IME Software Development Projects have been chosen as text corpus input to the pilot implementation because:

  1. -it is high-tech projects delivered from a western country to an Arabic country

  2. -NCSIS and IME are well documented through initiation- and proposal documents

  3. -manual stakeholder analysis has been performed

  4. -government and society in which NCSIS and IME will be implemented is well documented

  5. -the text corpus comprises documents typical for a high-tech project (scanned pdf, MS word, pdf, MS Powerpoint)

  6. -digital audio and video will be available


The NCSIS stakeholder analysis was really complex, we had to add the third dimension, time, and it was impossible to do this analysis by traditional stakeholder spreadsheets.

PAS used a dynamic object oriented stakeholder analysis technique to document and follow-up all the stakeholder interests in the NCSIS project.

The stakeholder analysis of the NCSIS project resulted in a number of very useful OO graphs used during the initial design of the system, here´s one of them (sorry it´s in Norwegian, but it is just to show the potential complexity of any major project):