Object Oriented Stakeholder Analysis



Concept Report - 2010

We are presenting a new way of thinking to solve the major stakeholder analysis task in large and dynamic industrial projects.

The project could very well go through phases of  Conceptual Studies, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning during a 4 year period, and be in Operation for 20+ years. During the development the manning could go from 0 to 600+ and down to 0 again, not counting all the external stakeholders:

  1. -Who are the Stakeholders ?

  2. -What kind of information do they need ?

  3. -When do they need the information ?

The classic Object Oriented (OO) discipline, based on Simula and Unified Modeling Language, UML , used in software engineering, is combined with more traditional stakeholder analysis technology.

A Concept Report is written. The report is based upon a report made by Sintef / NTNU in 2004 1).

A Pilot Implementation of the R&D project “Automated Stakeholder Analysis Process” will be implemented during 2011 and beginning of 2012.

The Web Implementation will be available at the end of 2012.

The R&D project is supported by the Research Council of Norway:

Utvikling av Web-tjeneste for Interessent-ledelse (SkatteFUNN)”,

Prosjektnummer: 205036

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Stakeholder Analysis Pilot Implementation - 2011 & 12

0 Preface

1 Pilot Text Corpus - NCSIS and IME Projects

2 Selected Software for Implementation

3 Pilot Implementation Design

4 Integration and Configuration of Software

5 Pilot Testing and Assessment

6 Pilot Implementation Launch


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Stakeholder Analysis Web Implementation - 2012

0 Preface

1 Web Implementation Design

2 Integration and Configuration of Software

3 Testing and Assessment

4 Web Implementation Launch


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(Are YOU prepared to support the diversity of stakeholder groups in YOUR project ?

And produce the required stakeholder alignment plans, and implement proper information channels ? And re-using lessons-learned from previous projects in a computer system ? And at the same time ensuring that the project is progressing according to plans, within the cost limits ?)